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Smallville Character Deaths

Rocks fall; everyone dies.

Smallville Character Death
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Statement of Purpose:

Would you like to kill off a character in Smallville without people getting all up in your grill? Well, now you can!

We will gleefully host contests that allow any and all of the characters on Smallville to bite the dust. We are not going to discriminate, so feel free to let your creativity flow.

It was the belief of the creators of this community and the members that join that deathfic does not necessarily mean that the creator of such fic is sick or full of hate. It simply means that they aren't afraid to write a story in which a character dies. Furthermore, writing this kind of fic gives you the unique opportunity, should you seize it, to work through your feelings about a character rather than letting them fester. The kid gloves are off. Time to play.

A disclaimer: The majority of this community's content is not serious. If you do not have a sense of humor, please don't join.


1. All posts and discussions should focus on deathfic and challenges thereoff.
2. No flaming other members (or I will kill you), or bashing groups of fans(or I will ban you).
3. Put spoilers for the new episodes under an lj-cut for a week after the episode airs in the US.
4. Put large images/multiple images, fanfiction, or anything that will break someone's layout under an lj-cut.
5. Please comment on the works of the contributors and don't just lurk. It's the key to keeping a community thriving.
6. Flock your entries. Sadly, not all members of fandom are mature enough to handle this brand of humor.

7. All fiction should have these tags in the header:

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